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Chamberlain HD800D 24 Volt Batteries

Price: $36.99

Item is: IN STOCK
Average Delivery Time: 1-2 DAYS

Item Number: PK1250X2

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  • Operates the garage door opener as if the power was still on (all safety and security features still operate)
  • Arrives Fully Works out of the packaging. Remove terminal protectors before installation.
  • 100% Rechargeable. Service life of 3-5 years.

    Chemistry            Sealed Lead Acid  
    Voltage 12
    Capacity 5Ah
    Terminals  F1
    Length 3.54
    Width 2.76
    Height 4.21
    Warranty 1 Year

    Power King Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries are designed with AGM technology, high performance plates, and high performance electrolyte to gain extra power output for common power backup system applications widely used in the fields of UPS and Emergency Lighting. Features include sealed and maintenance free operation, non-spillable construction design, ABS containers and covers, safety valve installation, high quality and high reliability. Exceptional deep discharge recovery performance, low self-discharge characteristics, and flexibility in design for multiple install positions.  

 June 19,2015
Verified Purchased
yes garage is working again

 March 9,2014
Verified Purchased
so far it has done the job for what it is for.Longer it works the better I like it. diito

 July 22,2014
Verified Purchased
its exactly the same as the OEM battery it replaced. Gone through 2 Chamberlain branded batteries in the same garage door opener in the last ~8 years and am trying this one for round 3 as it was less expensive (and not sure the extra $ really brought the longevity I was expecting). Would buy again.

 June 15,2014
Verified Purchased
great product. finally eliminated the annoying beep. easy to install. bought a second one as reserve for other opener. no negatives.

   September 23,2014
Verified Purchased
It works very well with my garage opener. Thanks

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