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Black & Decker CM1836 Replacement Battery (3) 12V10ah

Price: $89.99

Item is: IN STOCK
Average Delivery Time: 1-2 DAYS

Item Number: (3)12V10ah 2 jumpers

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(3) 12Volt 10ah batteries!

This 36 Volt Professional Grade battery is an excellent value.  We send you (3) 12 volt 10ah.

This  battery is guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications at a reduced price. Our batteries are made from the highest quality parts and are 100% compatible. Some Assembly Required

Chemistry            Sealed Lead Acid  
Voltage 12
Capacity 10Ah
Length 5.94
Width 2.56
Height 4.67
Warranty 1 Year

Power King Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries are designed with AGM technology, high performance plates, and high performance electrolyte to gain extra power output for common power backup system applications widely used in the fields of UPS and Emergency Lighting. Features include sealed and maintenance free operation, non-spillable construction design, ABS containers and covers, safety valve installation, high quality and high reliability. Exceptional deep discharge recovery performance, low self-discharge characteristics, and flexibility in design for multiple install positions.

 June 26, 2015
Verified Purchase

Since I saw little else on the internet about the installation process in this model, I'll say a few things about what to expect. But first, some comments about the item purchase process.

The battery was shipped out promptly, but was damaged on arrival. I happened to be home at the time and heard a loud sound on my front porch that turned out to be the delivery. If I were to guess, I suspect the heavy package slipped out of the postman's hands. It was sufficiently packaged to survive such a drop if it landed on a flat side, but it landed on a corner. In any event, the case was badly cracked.

Beiter DC Power was great in their response. I don't expect my purchases to go perfectly, but when something goes wrong my standard is for the seller to make things right. Beiter DC Power met that standard. I contacted them to inform them of the problem, volunteering to send photos. They asked me to do so to support the insurance claim. I sent the photos, and they sent a replacement with 2-day delivery. That arrived in pristine shape. It's installed, charging, and awaiting first use. I will update if there's anything notable to add after I've used it for a while.

The original battery lasted me 4 years. It is an easy swap, and anyone thinking about doing it should not be deterred by fear of complications. A few tips:
1. First use compressed air to blow out the six screw holes that secure the cover to the chassis. If, like me, you don't have a compressor, just tip the mower over so gravity will allow the dead grass and chaff that fills up the screw wells over time to fall out as you dislodge the stuff with a screw driver or a stick.
2. After the debris is removed, use a T20 Torx driver to loosen the screws. There is a slot in the cover screws that allow the use of a blade screwdriver, but you'll need the T20 driver to remove the battery anyway. The screws need not be removed from the screw wells in the cover, but they have to disengage from the chassis.
3. The cover should easily lift away from the chassis once the screws are loose. Expect to find a lot of grass clippings and cobwebs on the motor housing and the rest of the chassis that could benefit from some cleaning while you've got the cover off.
4. As mentioned before, a T20 driver will be required to remove the two screws securing the battery bracket. No slots in these screws. Make note of the positive and negative terminals of the old battery so you can make the same connections to the new one.
5. My replacement battery was smaller (not as tall) as the original. I made a shim out of some old cardboard to allow the bracket to be sufficiently tight. Without the shim, the bracket screws were too long. A piece of 1x wood might work as well, but I liked the give in the cardboard to get a snug fit with the bracket.
6. Replace the cover, tighten the screws, and you should be good to go.
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