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12V 7Ah Home Alarm Battery

Price: $26.99

Item is: IN STOCK
Average Delivery Time: 1-2 DAYS

Item Number: PK1270

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  • The Power King valve regulated sealed lead acid batteries are maintenance free, easy to handle, rugged and economical. It has a characteristic of high discharge rate, wide operating temperature, long service life and deep discharge recovery.
  • Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology for superior performance.
  • Valve regulated, spill proof construction allows safe operation in any position.
                                  Compatibility Chart
ACME Security System 624
Altronix SMP3PMCTXPD8CB Altronix SMP10PM12P4
ACME Security System 625 Altronix SMP3PMP16 Altronix AL400ULXR
ACME Security System RB12V6 Altronix SMP3PMP16CB Altronix AL400ULX
ACME Security System 623 Altronix SMP10PM12P4CB Altronix AL400ULPD8CB
ACME Security System 622 Altronix SMP5PMP8 Altronix AL400ULPD8
ACME Security System 621 Altronix SMP5PMP8CB Altronix AL400ULPD4CB
ACME Security System 626 Altronix AL125ULP Altronix AL400ULPD4
Ademco ALARM NET Altronix AL201UL Altronix AL400ULMR
Ademco VISTA 128BP Altronix AL62412C Altronix AL400ULM
Ademco VISTA 128B Altronix AL62412CX Altronix AL300ULXR
Ademco VISTA 50PUL Altronix AL62424C Altronix AL300ULX
Ademco 25360 Altronix AL6246C Altronix LPS5C12X
Ademco VISTA 128BPT Altronix AL624E Altronix AL600UL3
Ademco PWPS12120 Altronix AT4 Altronix AL600ULM
Ademco PWPS1270 Altronix PT724AE Altronix AL600ULMR
Ademco 5140XM Altronix SMP312C Altronix SMP10PM12P16CB
Ademco 4140XMPT Altronix SMP312CX Altronix SMP10PM12P16
Ademco 4140XMP Altronix SMP3E Altronix SMP10C12X
Ademco 4120EC Altronix AL125UL Altronix MP3PMCTXPD8CB
Ademco VISTA 40 Altronix AL100UL Altronix LPS5C24X
Ademco 7720V Altronix SMP7CTX Altronix AL600ULXR
Ademco 772010 Altronix SMP7PMCTX Altronix AL600ULX
Ademco VISTA 50P Altronix SMP7PMCTXPD16 Altronix AL600ULPD8CB
Ademco VISTA 250BP Altronix SMP7PMCTXPD4 Altronix AL600ULPD8
Ademco 5743 Altronix SMP7PMCTXPD4CB Altronix AL600ULPD4CB
Ademco 25310 Altronix SMP7PMCTXPD8 Altronix AL600ULPD4
Ademco VISTA 250BPT Altronix SMP7PMCTXPD8CB Altronix AL400UL3
ADI VISTA 128BP Altronix SMP7PMP16 Altronix AL642UL2ADA
ADI VISTA 40 Altronix SMP7PMP4 Altronix AL300ULPD8
ADI VISTA 50P Altronix SMP7PMP4CB Altronix AL300ULPD4CB
ADI VISTA 50PUL Altronix SMP7PMP8 Altronix AL300ULPD4
ADI VISTA 250BPT Altronix SMP7PMP8CB Altronix AL300ULMR
ADI VISTA 250BP Altronix AL1012ULM Altronix AL300ULM
ADI 7720V Altronix AL602UL2ADA Altronix AL176ULX
ADI VISTA 128B Altronix AL400ULACM Altronix AL176UL
ADI VISTA 128BPT Altronix AL1024ULACM Altronix AL1024ULMR
ADI 772010 Altronix AL400UL3X Altronix AL175ULX
ADI ALARM NET Altronix AL300ULXPD16CB Altronix AL125ULX
ADI 25360 Altronix AL300ULXPD16 Altronix AL125ULE
ADI 25310 Altronix AL300ULXD Altronix AL800ULADA
ADI 4120EC Altronix AL175ULX2 Altronix AL642ULADA
ADI 4140XMP Altronix AL1042ULADA Altronix AL300ULPD8CB
ADI 4140XMPT Altronix AL400ULACMCB Ansul Alarms H1000
ADI 5140XM Altronix AL400ULADA Ansul Alarms 98454
ADI PWPS1270 Altronix AL400ULXPD16 Digital Security Power832 - Option 2
ADI 5743 Altronix AL600ULXPD16CB Digital Security PC4050C
ADI PWPS12120 Altronix AL600ULXPD16 Digital Security BD 712
ADT Security Alarm 477967 Altronix AL600ULXD Digital Security Power432 - Option 2
ADT Security Alarm DSC Power 832 Altronix AL600ULADA Digital Security Power632 - Option 2
ADT Security Alarm 7603 Altronix AL600ULACMCB Digital Security Power864 - Option 2
ADT Security Alarm 899953 (Option) Altronix AL600ULACM DSC Alarm System RB712
Alarmnet 7845C Altronix AL600UL3X DSC Alarm System PC1550
Altronix SMP5PMP4CB Altronix AL400ULXPD16CB DSC Alarm System PC2550
Altronix SMP5PMCTXPD16CB Altronix AL1042UL2ADA DSC Alarm System PC1500
Altronix SMP5PMCTXPD16 Altronix AL1024ULXR DSC Alarm System Exaltor E1270
Altronix SMP5PMCTX Altronix AL1012ULXPD4CB DSC Alarm System Exaltor E1275
Altronix SMP3PMP8CB Altronix AL1012ULXPD4 DSC Alarm System BD7.2-12
Altronix SMP3PMP8 Altronix AL1012ULXPD16CB DSC Alarm System BD7-12
Altronix SMP5PMCTXPD4 Altronix AL1012ULXPD16 DSC Alarm System DSC BD7-12
Altronix SMP5PMCTXPD4CB Altronix AL1012ULACMCB DSC Alarm System PC3000
Altronix SMP5PMCTXPD8 Altronix AL1012ULACM DSC Alarm System BD6.5-12
Altronix SMP5PMCTXPD8CB Altronix AL1002ULADA Fire Lite BAT-12120
Altronix SMP5PMP16 Altronix AL1002UL2ADAJ Fire Lite FCPS-24FS6
Altronix SMP5PMP16CB Altronix AL1012ULXPD8 Fire Lite 40
Altronix SMP5PMP4 Altronix AL1012ULXPD8CB Fire Lite BAT-1270
Altronix SMP3PMP4CB Altronix AL1024ULACMCB Fire Lite BG12L
Altronix SMP3PMP4 Altronix AL1024ULXPD8CB GE Security Alarm Caddx/NetworX NX-4 
Altronix SMP10PM12P8 Altronix AL1024ULXPD8 GE Security Alarm Caddx/NetworX NX-6 
Altronix SMP10PM12P8CB Altronix AL1024ULXPD4CB GE Security Alarm Caddx/NetworX NX-8E 
Altronix SMP10PMC12X Altronix AL1024ULXPD4 GE Security Alarm Caddx/NetworX NX-8 
Altronix SMP3PMCTX Altronix AL1024ULXPD16CB Kelvinator Scientific AUDIO ALARM
Altronix SMP3PMCTXPD16 Altronix AL1024ULXPD16 Napco Alarms RBAT6
Altronix SMP3PMCTXPD16CB Altronix AL1024ULX Napco Alarms GEM-P816 - 12v 7ah
Altronix SMP3PMCTXPD4 Altronix AL1024ULM Protection One BT0354N
Altronix SMP3PMCTXPD4CB Altronix AL1002UL2ADA Silent Knight 5395
Altronix SMP3PMCTXPD8 Altronix AL602ULADA Silent Knight 5204
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