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12V 5Ah Alarm Battery

Price: $24.99

Item is: IN STOCK
Average Delivery Time: 1-2 DAYS

Item Number: sla5-12

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This is a direct replacement for the 12 Volt 4.0Ah and the 12 Volt 4.5Ah.  The 5Ah offers 12% Longer Run Time.

This High Capacity 12V 5ah SLA Battery is an excellent value.  We send you (1) 12 volt 5ah battery

Chemistry            Sealed Lead Acid  
Voltage 12
Capacity 5ah
Connector N/A
Length 5.51
Width 1.57
Height 5.12
Warranty 1 Year

Power King Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries are designed with AGM technology, high performance plates, and high performance electrolyte to gain extra power output for common power backup system applications widely used in the fields of UPS and Emergency Lighting. Features include sealed and maintenance free operation, non-spillable construction design, ABS containers and covers, safety valve installation, high quality and high reliability. Exceptional deep discharge recovery performance, low self-discharge characteristics, and flexibility in design for multiple install positions.  

                                            Compatiblity Chart

ACME Security System SDC602
ADT Security Alarm Safewatch Pro 3000 Securitron M62F
ACME Security System TC1245 ADT Security Alarm Security Manager 2000 Securitron 62F
ACME Security System RB12V4 ADT Security Alarm Safewatch Pro 3000EN Securitron M62SF
ACME Security System EP1245 ADT Security Alarm Vista 10SE Securitron BPS246
ACME Security System BPS Altronix AL300ULXPD16 Securitron 32
ACME Security System ALTV248 Altronix AL400ULACM Securitron MAGNALOCKS
ACME Security System AL6/12 Altronix AL400ULACMCB Securitron 32S
ACME Security System 602 Altronix AL400UL3X Securitron 62
Ademco VISTA 10P Altronix AL300ULXPD16CB Securitron M62
Ademco VISTA 15 Ansul Alarms A15604 Securitron M32SS
Ademco VISTA 15P Digital Security Power632 - Option 1 Securitron BPS POWER SUPPLY
Ademco VISTA 20P Digital Security Power864 - Option 1 Securitron DK15
Ademco VISTA 20PUL Digital Security Power832 - Option 1 Securitron DK25
Ademco VISTA 128BPT Digital Security PC2500 Securitron DPA12
Ademco VISTA 21iP Digital Security Power432 - Option 1 Securitron DPA24
Ademco PWPS1242 Digital Security BD 412 Securitron DT7
Ademco BP412 DSC Alarm System PS1240 Securitron EXD1
Ademco 4110XM DSC Alarm System Power 832 Securitron EXD1F
Ademco 4110DL DSC Alarm System Exaltor E1250 Securitron B244
Ademco 25309 DSC Alarm System RB412 Securitron CCS8
Ademco VISTA 20SE DSC Alarm System DSC832 Securitron BPS244
Ademco VIA 30PSE DSC Alarm System BD4-12 Securitron BPS243
Ademco VISTA 128B DSC Alarm System 832 Securitron BPS121
Ademco 4110 DSC Alarm System DS415 Securitron BPS123
Ademco VISTA 128BP DSC Alarm System PC2500 Securitron BPS124.5
Ademco VISTA 250BP DSC Alarm System Ultratech UT1240 Securitron BPS126
Ademco Vista 10SE DSC Alarm System SB1240 Securitron BPS129
Ademco VISTA 250BPT Fire Lite BAT-1250 Securitron BPS241
ADI VISTA 21iP GE Security Alarm Caddx/NetworX NX-8 - 12v 5ah Securitron BPS2410
ADI VIA 30PSE GE Security Alarm Caddx/NetworX NX-8E - 12v 5ah Securitron BPS242
ADI VISTA 128B GE Security Alarm Caddx/NetworX NX-4 - 12v 5ah Securitron MINIMAG LOCKS
ADI VISTA 128BPT GE Security Alarm Caddx/NetworX NX-6 - 12v 5ah Securitron PB
ADI VISTA 250BPT Innovonics Alarm C2020 Securitron PB2
ADI VISTA 10P Innovonics Alarm BAT602 Securitron XDT24
ADI VISTA 15 Napco Alarms GEM-P816 - 12v 4ah Securitron XP1
ADI VISTA 20SE Napco Alarms RBAT4 Securitron XP1F
ADI VISTA 15P Napco Alarms MA1000E4LB Securitron BPS1215
ADI VISTA 20P Napco Alarms MA1016LKDL Securitron B124
ADI VISTA 20PUL Napco Alarms MA1016E Securitron 62SF
ADI VISTA 128BP Napco Alarms MA1008LKDL Securitron 62GF
ADI VISTA 250BP Napco Alarms MA1000E4LB PAK Securitron M32
ADI 25309 Napco Alarms MA1008E Securitron XDT12
ADI 4110DL Newmox Home Alarm Newmox Home Alarm Securitron TSB3
ADI 4110XM Potter Electric BT-40 Securitron PB2E
ADI BP412 Potter Electric PFC-3005 Securitron PB3
ADI PWPS1242 Potter Electric PFC-3002 Securitron PB4
ADI Vista 10SE Securitron 32F Securitron PSM
ADI 4110 Securitron 62G Securitron PSM12
ADT Security Alarm DSC PC1555 Securitron M62GF Securitron PSM24
ADT Security Alarm Safewatch Pro 2000 Securitron M62G Securitron SP1
ADT Security Alarm Security Manager 3000 Securitron BPS Securitron TM2
ADT Security Alarm 804302 Securitron M62F Securitron M32F
Silent Knight 5107
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