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Scooter Replacement Batteries (Includes 2 12V 12ah)

Price: $59.98

Item is: IN STOCK
Ships Within: 24 HOURS 
Average Delivery Time: 1-2 DAYS

Item Number: 12V12ahX2

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This Electric Scooter Battery Pack (Includes (2) 12V 12ah Batteries

Voltage: 24 volts

Amp Hours: 12 Ah

Battery Length: 5.94" (151mm)

Battery Width: 3.90" (99mm

Battery Height: 3.74" (95mm)

Battery Weight: 8.35 lbs (each)

      Bladez XTR Comp 450

Bladez XTR Street 450

Bladez XTR-HD 550

Bladez XTR-S 450

Bladez XTR-SE 450

Boreem Jia 601-S

Boreem Jia 602-D

Bruno Rio 3 Travel

Currie e-ride 26" Front Suspension

Drive Falcon 3 (S37600/S37601)

Drive Falcon 4 (S37650/S37651)

Drive Geo Portable (S3500)

Drive Phantom (S35001/S35002)

Drive Phoenix 3 (S35010)

Drive Phoenix 4 (S35015)

Electra Scoot-N-Go

Freedom 644

Freedom 942

Freedom 943

Freedom 946

Freedom 947

Freedom 961

Giant LaFree Bicycles

IZIP AL-1020


IZIP Comfort Bike CBAL24V450




IZIP Urban Cruiser

Mongoose AL1020

Mongoose CB24V450

Mongoose CBAL24V450

Mongoose CR24V450

Mongoose CX24V450

Mongoose MTN24V450

Mongoose MTNAL24V450

Rad2Go Leopard Shark E5

Rad2Go ZZ Cruiser (ZZ Rider, Reflexx)

Shoprider Dasher 3 (GK83)

Shoprider Dasher 4 (GK8)

Shoprider EZ Chopper (S8M)

Shoprider Scootie (TE-787NA)

Shoprider Scootie Jr. (TE-787M)

Shoprider Start (GK3)

Shoprider Sunrunner S (777-3/4)

Shoprider XtraLite 3 (TE-787NA-UL3)

Shoprider XtraLite 4 (TE-787NA-UL4)

Shoprider XtraLite Jiffy (UL7WR)

Tanaka PaveRunner TPB-450EX

Xcooter XCruiser XC266GTB

Xcooter Zipper XC533GTG

X-Treme X-11

      X-Treme X-50-300

Note: Model versions can be determined based on the product ID code on your Razor product. The Dirt Quad 19 digit ID can be located on long white sticker above the right foot step, back of charger, and also on box.

Example: 100620-25-08100080862  =  Version 25 
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